“My financial investment objectives have always been to maintain capital value, support my lifestyle and pay minimum fees and tax. To support these objectives, I was advised that the need for a dedicated Financial Adviser was extremely important to assist in meeting these objectives. It was then that I was introduced to Luke Marsden.”

“Luke immediately undertook to familiarise himself with my personal circumstances and has continued to be vigilant in this regard.”

“For 14 years this has been a highly successful and rewarding partnership. Luke’s level of professionalism has been without question. His recommendations have always been supported by detailed background investigations and implementation has never proceeded without consultation.”

“The investment outcomes during this time have more than surpassed expectations and I would therefore recommend using the services of Luke Marsden to anyone seeking financial advice.”


“We were lucky enough to meet Luke over ten years ago, at the time we were looking for someone to help us with the planning of our financial security in retirement. Luke took a genuine interest in our financial position and with his knowledge, passion and expertise he has helped us to achieve our retirement goals. Luke has a very happy and engaging nature making us feel like we are important but at the same time we never doubt his professional acumen. Luke has shown genuine interest in our family over the years and offered his advice to family members, we cannot thank him enough for his kindness and support.”

“As we get closer to our retirement date we feel very comfortable knowing the strategies Luke has put into place will provide an income stream and it’s comforting to know in the future our family will be well looked after. We have found it refreshing to meet a Financial Adviser with integrity who is interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences.”

“We cannot speak highly enough of Luke and we would recommend his services to anyone looking for a professional and dedicated Financial Adviser.”

Barry & Diane

“Not knowing anything about how to manage my SMSF, I was at a loss as to how to even start! Luke Marsden, from Marsden Financial, was recommended to me by colleagues, and over the past four years he has proven to be professional, ethical, and understanding of my particular needs for the future.”

“Luke is very personable, and most importantly knowledgeable about his field of service, and quick to respond to any queries made. (even if they are basic questions!) Given my most positive experience, I have recommended Luke to family members, friends and colleagues alike.”


“Luke, your excellent financial planning advice and services over the past 15 years or so has made the task of acting as trustee of my SMSF so much easier, especially when these days a trustee has a lot to think about and manage.”

“I have especially appreciated your sound and strategic investment advice, which has been instrumental in seeing my fund grow at a very healthy rate. Equally important is your seamless service in collecting my fund’s financial data and in then arranging for the fund’s financial statements and other compliance documents to be prepared, giving me peace of mind and leaving me free to enjoy retirement.”


Retired Lawyer

SMSF Trustee

“I am a Chartered Accountant working in the SMSF space and are often asked by my clients for a referral to someone who can help them with their SMSF investments. I am more than happy to put them in contact with Luke Marsden who I know has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area.”

“In my professional dealings with Luke he is extremely thorough and diligent in all client aspects. His management of client’s investment matters means we are able to receive complete year end source documents in an ordered and timely manner. This saves the client the cost and requirement of maintaining these records and in the process makes our job a lot easier.”


“We have known Luke since 2011 both on a professional and personal basis.  As retirees with a SMSF we are very dependent upon an Income Flow to meet our personal, financial and travel needs.  During our time with Luke we have received very honest and forthright Financial Advice which has resulted in initially a restructure of our Super Fund investments in order to maximise an Income Flow for us, and the ongoing regular review of our Portfolio to ensure we have the best available Investments for our overall financial needs.”

“Luke maintains an in-depth up-to-date knowledge of the Superannuation, Investment and Taxation industries with regard to the interaction with people, just like us, in retirement. Luke has a very clear and down-to-earth way of conveying information to us for our consideration and decision making together with providing Financial Advice in a non-jargon industry way.”

“Since retirement we have experienced a few Financial Advisers but had never been truly happy with the financial service provided until the commencement of our relationship with Luke.  We never really had an advisor who looked upon us as retired people with retirement financial needs as we continue to mature.  We feel reassured and content that we have Luke overseeing and advising us with regard to our Super Portfolio.”

Terry & Heather

“We have enjoyed an association with Luke for some 10 years or more. During this time we have always had excellent advice and guidance with our financial planning and investment strategies for our retirement now and into the future, with regular reviews and updates.”

“Luke is always just a phone call away and very quick to follow up on any questions we might raise regarding financial portfolio matters. Luke always has his finger on the pulse of the financial world giving us great peace of mind and confidence in the decisions and advice we discuss.”

“Marsden Financial is an extremely ethical and competent business and we have great faith in Luke.”

Murray and Eve

“We have been valued clients with our financial adviser Luke Marsden for the past 10 years and we have been extremely happy and satisfied with the professional and diligent manner in which Luke conducts his business. From the first time we sat and spoke to Luke we knew that he was genuinely interested. He took the time to draw up a comprehensive report as the direction that we could take.”

“We live some distance from Luke’s business however he takes the time and effort to come and visit us on a regular basis to inform us of future directions in which to undertake.  He takes the time to meet us face to face which we really appreciate as I believe that displays Luke’s honesty, sincerity and commitment to his clients.  His communication skills are excellent and he regularly keeps us updated on issues that are related to our portfolio.”

“We are extremely fortunate to have Luke on board with us as the complexities of the financial market can be a bit complex and daunting to understand however Luke is able to translate these uncertainties in a patient and professional manner. It honestly has been a load off our mind that we can contact Luke at any time with any issue that we need clarified.  We completely trust Luke’s advice and we are certainly appreciative of all the hard work and dedication he has displayed to us. I would highly recommend him to any prospective clients.”

Laurie & Cheryl

“We have been building our portfolio since 2000 with a franchised company which was subbing out their management of blocks of shares to assorted fund managers with accompanying management fees.”

“We became aware that our portfolio was underperforming compared to some fund managers. We were introduced to Luke Marsden by a friend several years ago.  After careful consideration and lengthy discussions we transferred our SMSF over to Luke as the personal financial advice he provided was honest and met our objectives.”

“Whenever any queries are raised we promptly and personally receive good sound and well thought out advice. He has always gone ‘the extra mile’ handling any problems regarding Centrelink or unforeseen circumstances such as the recent Coronavirus etc. We cannot recommend Luke too highly to anyone thinking of engaging the services of Marsden Financial to manage their affairs”

John and Wendy

“My parents were old school and used to a simple life. They owned their own house and did not drink or smoke so retired life on the pension was adequate but very basic.”

“I realised that in order to have a comfortable retirement I needed additional super. I also realised that like most people, I lived just within/beyond my means. Money was always a little bit tight and a little bit more would be nice. Every pay rise was great as it gave me some spare cash. However, within a month I had learnt to consume that cash and was back to “a little more would be nice”.

“Forced” savings is a good thing – if I had the cash, I would just spend it, and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t miss it or spend it. I started with some of the commercially available “off the shelf” products but after a couple of years it was evident that despite the glossy advertising, the results were less than impressive. I then sought professional advice.”

“Luke is very personable and provides sound and timely investment advice. His investment advice is perhaps a bit conservative during the growth phase, but the risks are less and that is not a bad thing during troubled times. And in the retirement phase, conservative is preferred.”

“With Luke’s assistance I was able to retire at 55. My retirement is quite comfortable, with my non‐taxable income comparable to when I was still working. With no work related expenditure, I am now able to afford some luxuries, including regular overseas holidays.”